Why Choose MLC

Vertical Integration

Mirpurkhas Law College (MLC) stands as a paragon of vertical integration in legal education. We provide a comprehensive pathway to transform an intermediate student into a proficient lawyer through:

  • 5 Years LLB Program approved by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan
  • LLM (Coming Soon)

At MLC, once an aspiring student enrolls, they no longer need to worry about their future. We take care of it all!


Despite the hundreds of colleges and universities in Pakistan offering LLB programs, only a select few engage in mooting competitions, which simulate courtroom proceedings. These competitions are crucial for honing advocacy skills, benefiting students both academically and practically.

MLC excels in mooting. Our teams have consistently outperformed at national and international mooting competitions, including the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court, Henry Dunant Moot Competition, Nuremberg Moot Court Competition, and ICC Moot Court Competition.

To explore our numerous mooting achievements, click here!

Widespread Accessibility

Mirpurkhas Law College is a proud member of a broader educational network committed to delivering quality education. MLC operates at multiple locations, including Mirpurkhas and nearby regions, ensuring that we reach a broad demographic. We pride ourselves on providing ‘world-class legal education for all’.

Highly Qualified Faculty

At MLC, we recognize the crucial role of educators as “agents of innovation and the fulcrum of an education system’s success or failure.” Therefore, our faculty is comprised of highly qualified professionals equipped with modern pedagogical knowledge and a commitment to the all-around development of our students.

Our distinguished faculty includes:

Muhammad Yousuf Lagari Chairman
Abbas Ali Abbasi Principal
Naimat Ali Shaikh Superintendent
Muhammad Javed Umrani Administrator & Focal Person
Ahmed Raza Khan Accountant & Web Developer
Niaz Muhammad Laghari Office Clerk

Conducive Learning Environment

MLC’s campus is a purpose-built, three-story facility designed to support an optimal learning environment. The campus features:

  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Multimedia displays
  • Students Bar Association
  • Fully functional Mooting Society with a dedicated moot courtroom
  • Sports Society
  • Model United Nations
  • Research Society
  • Legal Aid services

Additional facilities that enhance the learning experience include lecture halls, computer labs, discussion rooms, a students’ common area, free Internet access, an up-to-date library with monthly law journals, and a computer lab.

Each classroom is equipped with a multimedia system and large screen to facilitate both in-person and online learning.

Reasonable Fee Structure & Availability of Scholarships

MLC offers world-class legal education at a reasonable fee structure. Additionally, scholarships and financial assistance are available to students on a need-cum-merit basis, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to quality education.

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